As i’m sitting here watching my favourite pro wrestler and one of my personal heroes in life John Cena, defending the WWE Championship against Olympic Wrestling Gold medalist Kurt Angle at WWE Unforgiven 2005 i think to myself. I wonder deeply about other peoples motivation and aspirations when approaching sport and fitness.

It’s important to understand where your own motivation comes from and how to use it to your advantage, how to let it drive you and be the barrier that stops you from quitting. Motivation is vital whether it’s Intrinsic (internal) or Extrinsic (external), you need something that drives you at all times so if you are struggling to find your anchor then this is the place for you!

Step 1: Find your anchor

Look around you metaphorically as well as literally. What is it that wakes you up each day? What makes you want to be the best you possible? What is there in your life that gives you that burning desire to succeed? Whether it’s your children, family members, friends, partners, famous figures, athletes, prizes, awards or competition something needs to be established. If there is no anchor that you don’t want to let down, you won’t be able to succeed on your journey.

My motivation for example is a combination of relatives, friends and athletes. All of which inspire and drive me each day with any task whether it’s fitness or not.

Step 2: Understand the motivational figure(s)

When realising who your inspirations are you must understand them and their effects. You must learn to remember their significance and power. What if i let them down? What am i fighting for? Am i doing them proud? Would they want me to give up? Questions like these are what your motivational figures should be making you ask yourself each day, this should be the fuel to your fire during every day, exercise, set and rep.

Step 3: Setting examples/Learn from them

You must learn to take their teachings, examples, beliefs or energy and convert that into energy for your own will power and determination. Using their ways and beliefs as your own and setting examples to others is important for personal development as well as for success for yourself as finding that build up of determination and the ability to help inspire others is a great way to believe in yourself and what you are capable of.

Finally Step 4: Use them, always!

Motivational anchors/figures are there to be used. They are there to help and power you. Don’t be afraid to watch them, support them and learn from them always. It will help you in the short and long term.

I hope this helped, i understand sometimes motivation can be hard to come by but keep pushing to find it. Everyone needs that spark to start their inner fire!

Don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact section, i will be happy to help and answer your questions!


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