Welcome back! Sorry for the late entry, i’m here now to bring you the new blog just few you guys!


Friday 30th Dec 2016 had me thinking, it had me thinking about the fire, determination and will power of former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and the guts it took for her to get back into the octagon after her first ever loss this time last year.

Ronda had a whole year out to re-focus on her loss and her path forward, dedicating her time and ability into training camps, sparring and practising her holds ready for her return to the UFC picture. After her devastating loss last year she had hit rock bottom and became to struggle with her own emotions and at that point she could have thrown in the towel and called it quits, but of course she didn’t. Although the end of the comeback fight against Amanda Nunes didn’t quite go to plan for the rowdy one she taught everyone a very important lesson about some very key points when looking at your own goals or disappointments.


Number 1: Accepting

After a loss, set back, injury or failure you need to learn to accept it so that your mind can recover and your new plan can get kicked into motion, without the accepting of a loss or failure you will forever think of making excuses and blame other things/people for your short comings. Accepting the missed opportunities, bad techniques, moves or training schedules will enable you to move onto stage 2…..


After accepting and realising all that went wrong it’s time to move onto re-focusing. This means that future plans, training, goals and tweaks can be laid out and reviewed in full. After a clear understanding has been gained and you have picked out the faults from last time you can now look ahead to laying out the foundations for your new journey. This stage is all about the re-planning and almost rebooting of yourself and your goals/programme, it is not a bad time to look back at your motivation and your inspirations to help you here. Maybe an athlete you look up to has something you can try (which you could research and look up) or a friend, club coach or training partner can help you with righting your mistakes (whether that be dietary, physically or mentally).

Hardest workers in the room

As Blockbuster movie star and former WWE Champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would say, be the hardest workers in the room. At all time you need to be putting in your all during training and preparations. Much like Ronda’s training regime during her comeback camp you need to put in all of your efforts to come back at whatever you do (whether it’s in the gym or a sport you play) bigger and better then before. Improvements and discipline are key.


You need to look back at the end of your programme and be honest, have i made any improvements to my diet and/or training prep. Have i lifted more in the gym? Have i come back into it stronger then before? Am i the best i can be? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself at the end of your prep whether it’s after just a week or a year.



Blog review

So remember:

  1. Analyse and accept your short comings and failures, it’s crucial to progression!
  2. Plan your method of improvement making by building on your past failures and mistakes. Use inspirations, athletes or friends to gain help, remember to plan well and set goals realistically.
  3. Train to improve! without following the plan and being honest with yourself you will never achieve the success and correction you are seeking out for.
  4. Review what you have done against the ‘now you’ and the ‘then you’ that came out of the loss or bad experience, are you in a better place now? If so good, but why? How?
  5. Win, lose or draw, as long as you gave it your all and busted your ass, that’s all you can ask of yourself. Truly.


Thanks for reading my blog everyone. As always all questions, comments and shares are welcome! 🙂



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