10 things everyone new to sport needs to know

1. It’s OK to make mistakes

Everyone should make mistakes in order to learn and develop, and an exercise and fitness program is no different. Everyone learns by making mistakes and alterations during life and fitness and every possible chance you get to learn and improve should be taken eagerly. Not knowing what an exercise is by doing it wrong or training incorrectly is a vital way to increase your knowledge and quality of your regime. Every best athlete, gym goer and bodybuilder has made mistakes and i’m sure they would agree that it has made them a better person as a result.

2. Don’t be afraid

Fear of the gym or other people being able to witness your workouts can be intimidating and scary, trust me i know. However to overcome these fears and anxiety is a great way to step up your game as the confidence and emotions you gain from training the way you want to, where you want is an unmatched feeling when striving for your best performance. Starting small like taking a jog round a pretty empty park and working your way up will slowly increase your self belief and confidence making it easier for you to focus on your training and goals.

3. Every has to start at the same level

Just remember no matter how fit, strong, big or successful somebody is in the world of sport and fitness, everyone had to start at the same point. Nobody is born a champion just like nobody is born a bodybuilder. We are all starting from the same point and no matter who you look up to or idolise was once like you! No matter what you want to believe.

4. Ego’s suck!

Point 3 brings me nicely onto 4. Egotistical people suck, end of! Anyone who tries to belittle you or walks around like they own the damn place isn’t worth your time or deserves to gain any satisfaction from making you feel small.Don’t take notice of the ego’s and don’t develop one.

5. Competitive

Being competitive with each other (friends/family) is a fun little way of keeping yourselves motivated and on track with your fitness regime. Friendly competition is absolutely fine as long as it stays friendly. Of course understand your bodies limits and don’t over do it, don’t hurt yourself or hurt others by pushing too much. As long as you take this with caution it will improve your program and results in the long run.

6. Being clueless is OK

It’s perfectly fine to be clueless about exercises, diet and regimes. Learning about what you want to do and how you want to do it is the best way to succeed during your time out in the gym, track, field or sports hall. Being clueless is just the first stage of any success and putting your all into researching and learning is a sure fire way to be the very best, like you want to be.

7. Ask for help

Asking for help is fine, don’t be scared or ashamed. Without asking for help the clueless stage will last forever and progression will never be achieved. You need to ask for help from anyone you can to makes sure that you get all the pointers and technique ideas you can, getting a mental or physical list of tips and helpful pointers will help you to improve without injuring yourself or falling at any hurdles along the your fitness journey.

8.  Dieting doesn’t mean stop

Like i stated in a previous post, dieting doesn’t mean stop eating the foods you like or having treats. If you cut out all bad things instantly and completely you are far more likely to give up on it and go back to eating a lot of junk. Moderation is the key with nutrition and when dieting as long as you still have a cheat meal or cheat day once a week, your motivation and desire will stay high and your chances of success will be far greater than they would be if you tried to permanently cut out bad foods.

9. Anything can be a gym

You don’t necessarily need a gym to stay fit as anything can be your workout space. A park, field, forest, public walk trail, cycle paths or even free running club can be a fantastic way of staying in shape. Using what you have around you for free is perfect for budgets and anxiety sufferers, the less demanding areas and less intimate locations help to get the best out of those who don’t like crowded spaces or fellow fitness enthusiasts.

10. Learn

Learning as much as you can as often as you can is the key to successes. knowledge is power after all!


Thanks as always for reading, for any queries or questions just go to the contact section. Don’t be afraid! 🙂




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