It’s important to be able to change and adapt in order to get the best from your workout plans and planning sometimes doesn’t quite happen the way we expect so it’s always very important to get a plan B and maybe even C in line ready for the unexpected changes that may occur to your daily plans.

Earlier this year i was on my way to the gym and after i had walked for 30 mins in the rain, i noticed right then that the gym i was going to sign up to shut down and sold it’s warehouse space. This was obviously very annoying and disheartening but it taught me to plan a workout plan that doesn’t focus on paid memberships and gyms that can just up and go when you least expect it. I have very recently planned a course of walking, running, swimming at my local pool for just £5 a week, cycling, press ups and sit ups which is of course is very cost effective and opens up a whole world of potential progressions and alterations that i can create in order to push myself more and more and get the best out of myself.

It’s very easy and simplistic to plan yourself a programme that includes low impact sports and exercises that require little to no money and these can all be a great way to boost mood, health, fitness and aspirations,

Look into these free exercises and sports and use them to really boost your programme and see those improvements come in 🙂

Thank you for reading this short entry, i will post a slightly longer one tomorrow that will detail my own plan and ways to use it to your own advantage!

Have a good day! 🙂


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