My first week of training!

Since Monday i have been running, walking and eating healthier in order to lose weight and get back in shape for my upcoming 10k run challenge, my college return and also for my own personal goals. At the start of this year i was all set to join the gym and get lifting weights but due to the fact the gym shut down and moved without warning, i could not do that. Now i am looking at other ways to get in shape before i can afford a membership again, something i am doing using a very low amount of money.


My first week has consisted of light interval training for about 20 mins which was a lot more difficult then i anticipated, however it got slightly easier throughout the week. In addition to this i used walking my dogs as a way to get exercise as well as cycling to the other side of my town and back, all very low cost but efficient activities.


I have been drinking a lot of water and squash as well as increasing my intake of fruit, veg, protein and low fat meals.


Next week i look to try some more cardiovascular training as well as a little yoga (for the first time!)


Hopefully you can use some of this as inspiration for your own workouts 🙂


Another update will come next week, thank you!


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