It’s important to be able to change and adapt in order to get the best from your workout plans and planning sometimes doesn’t quite happen the way we expect so it’s always very important to get a plan B and maybe even C in line ready for the unexpected changes that may occur to your … More Adaption

10 things everyone new to sport needs to know

1. It’s OK to make mistakes Everyone should make mistakes in order to learn and develop, and an exercise and fitness program is no different. Everyone learns by making mistakes and alterations during life and fitness and every possible chance you get to learn and improve should be taken eagerly. Not knowing what an exercise is … More 10 things everyone new to sport needs to know


Welcome back! Sorry for the late entry, i’m here now to bring you the new blog just few you guys!   Friday 30th Dec 2016 had me thinking, it had me thinking about the fire, determination and will power of former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and the guts it took for her to get back … More Perseverance


People often seem to think that eating clean or being on a diet involves these two things, either you eat no ‘bad’ things at all or you are failing, and this simply isn’t true. To be on a diet or to eat well and better doesn’t always mean to stop eating ‘bad’ foods totally as … More Nutrition


As i’m sitting here watching my favourite pro wrestler and one of my personal heroes in life John Cena, defending the WWE Championship against Olympic Wrestling Gold medalist Kurt Angle at WWE Unforgiven 2005 i think to myself. I wonder deeply about other peoples motivation and aspirations when approaching sport and fitness. It’s important to … More Motivation